Student Print allows you to easily print from anywhere on campus. Photocopying and free scanning is also available at libraries and selected locations. You can easily submit a job or manage your account credit from the Web Portal.


View the great range of software available for download to your device (e.g. Office 365, EndNote, Windows 10, NVivo, Autodesk), see what else is available on campus, or go to MyUniApps for remote access (e.g. EViews, SPSS, SAS).

Cloud Services

Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 allow students to collaborate easily and in real time on group projects, from anywhere. Students have access to 1TB of cloud storage on both Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

Wi-Fi & VPN

Campus-wide internet is available for students on UniWireless and patrons of partnering universities on eduroam. Off-campus, students can securely access the internet and University services and fileshares from anywhere through the VPN.


Easily reset your password or activate your account for the first time through the Accounts portal. Here you can also activate your Themis account (optional).

Other Links

Access your course content through the LMS or access your student portal (inc. Enrolment, Library, Class registration) at my.unimelb.