Exam Technology Webinars

Get setup, confident and ready for your online exams with live webinars about each exam technology!

The Student IT team understand that unfamiliar online exam technologies can be daunting – so we have developed new online webinars for students to help you gain confidence and feel prepared for your upcoming online exams.

This new series of online webinars for students will focus on online exam technologies, such as Canvas LMS quizzes, Zoom, Gradescope, Cadmus and more.

Each webinar includes:

  • Walkthrough of the exam technology
  • Tips and tricks to ensure you are setup and ready
  • What to do if you experience technical disruptions during your online exams
  • An opportunity for Q&A to answer any questions you may have

Each webinar run for approximately 20 minutes.

Preparing for your online exams

Get prepared for your upcoming online exams with this webinar that includes first-hand experience from the team of students working within Student IT! This webinar provides an overview of Student IT's upcoming webinars, information about what to expect on exam day and what to do if you encounter issues during your exam.


Recordings from each webinar are now available. To view specific sections in each webinar, select the icon in the top left corner. Please see Additional Resources for the relevant links referred to in the webinars.