Giblin Eunson Library

This Student IT environment provides students with a vibrant, well-equipped, collaborative learning environment, conveniently located within the Business, Economics & Education Library for improved resource access.

Located inside 105, FBE Building, entrance opposite University Square

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Facilities available

  • Extended hours zone (7am morning to 1am night, access with Student Card) on Ground Floor.
    If your card is not letting you in, please report to Stop 1.
  • Wireless.
  • Printing and Scanning.
  • 12 bookable computers on the Ground Floor.
  • 26 bookable computers on the Upper Ground Floor.
  • 6 bookable computers on the Upper Ground Floor.
  • 4 Project Rooms on Ground floor for group meetings. Book via DiBS
  • 8 Project Rooms on Upper Ground floor for group meetings. Book via DiBS
  • 4 Project Rooms on First floor for group meetings. Book via DiBS
  • A graduate-only shared study space on the Upper Ground Floor.
  • For details on hardware and software installed, view the Student IT website.

Using laptops in project rooms

Read this general user guide for more detailed instructions on how to connect your laptop to the LCD screen in a library project room.

We cannot guarantee that your laptop will work straight away when connecting it to the projection system in a project room in a library.

If you are having difficulties, we recommend that you consult this chart which lists the video activation commands for common laptop manufacturers. Most laptop computers require a function key or software command to activate/deactivate the laptop video output signal - the actual function key varies according to manufacturer and/or model.

If you need further assistance, please ask one of the student interns at the Student IT service desks.