LMS and eLearning Tools


The University of Melbourne's Learning Management System (LMS) platform, Blackboard, provides a selection of educational technologies, including Turnitin for assignment submission and Echo 360 for lecture recordings. Blackboard facilitates your online learning experience.

Get direct access to the LMS via the LMS website or on-the-go using the Blackboard App.

If you need any help, have a look through our LMS guides for students.

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Lecture Capture

Echo 360 is the University of Melbourne's lecture recording and delivery system. Known as Lecture Capture, this system automatically records the audio and visual content from a lecture theatre's data projector. It then publishes streamed and downloadable versions of these recordings available online, via the LMS.

All lectures for subjects scheduled in the central timetable will be captured if they take place in Lecture Capture-enabled venues. These recordings are not provided as a substitute for lecture attendance. They are intended to help you with revision during the semester and for the end-of-semester exam.

Some important things to remember:

  • To access recordings, you must have Flash player plugin installed in your browser. Check your browser compatibility.
  • Most recorded lectures are the visual presentation synced with the lecturer's voice (audio plus video), but some recordings may be audio-only.
  • Most recordings will be available for download. However, this is determined by your lecturer for each subject.
  • Recordings are normally available on the same day as the actual lecture via your LMS subject, but some lecturers may choose to make their recordings available only during SWOT Vac.


Turnitin is a text-matching tool that the University uses for assignment submissions and to generate Similarity Reports. It works by comparing electronically submitted papers to billions of pages of content located on the Internet and in private databases, including papers that have been submitted by other students around the world.

Please see Academic Integrity at the University of Melbourne website for more advice about the use of Turnitin at the University and the importance of your responsibility for managing academic integrity.

Our LMS guides for students have more information about submitting your assignments through Turnitin and interpreting Similarity Reports.

Readings Online

Readings Online provides seamless access to online reading lists via the LMS. If your subject has been connected to Readings Online, you will be able to view and download all of the content from your subject reading list. Look for a link to Readings Online from the subject menu.

Zoom Online Conferencing

Zoom is a high-quality video and audio online conferencing tool. You can access a Zoom meeting quickly and easily on your desktop or smartphone. Staff and students can set up a Zoom session for online classes, meetings, webinars and remote collaboration. Features within the tool allow you to annotate on a virtual white board and share your screen with other participants. More information about Zoom is available on the video and media production website.

LMS Discussion Boards

If enabled in your LMS subject or community site, you can use the Discussion Board tool in the LMS to communicate effectively with other students and tutors. Individual groups (i.e. tutorial groups or assignment groups) can also have their own private discussion board within the subject. Discussion Boards are asynchronous, meaning that posts can be created and read at any time. Check out our student guide for more information.