myUniApps provides students with secure and free access to general-use and faculty-specific software, streamed online from University servers. Provided you have a web browser and an internet connection, you can use MATLAB, ArcGIS, SPSS, EViews, RStudio, SAS, and much more, from anywhere.

Access myUniApps Download Citrix Workspace

myUniApps can be accessed via any modern web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc), simply click 'Use light version' on the welcome screen. Alternatively, download the Citrix Workspace client above for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android.

Available Software

There is a wide range of applications available to students. Due to licensing restrictions, some applications are only available to students from particular faculties. A comprehensive list of the software available on myUniApps, both general and faculty-specific, is available on our Software page.

View full list of software

Configuring Citrix Workspace

Citrix Workspace facilitates native access to myUniApps from many devices, with the ability to use and save files directly to and from your client device. You can configure Workspace by following the steps below:

  1. Download and install the Citrix Workspace app
  2. Once Workspace has been downloaded, the 'Add Account' screen will prompt you to enter your work email or the server address provided by your IT department. You will then need to provide the following information:
    • Server Address:
    • Username: your University username
    • Password: your University password
    • (optional) Domain: student, or unimelb for staff
  3. View and accept the Terms & Conditions
  4. Enjoy the enhanced myUniApps experience on your personal device

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I use myUniApps?

    You can log into myUniApps anywhere with web access, whether at home, overseas, or at Uni.

    Please bear in mind that the applications run remotely on University servers and thus the performance of myUniApps will mostly depend on your browser and connection to the Internet.

  • What if I don't have Admin rights on my device? 

    If you do not have Admin rights on your device, you can choose to use the Light version. This option does not download or install Workspace App, rather it enables myUniApps to run within your browser. Simply select 'Use Light Version' when you are prompted to install Citrix Workspace App.

  • From which locations can I open files when using applications in myUniApps?

    When you are using an application in myUniApps you will be able to browse the location from which you would like to open a file. You are able to save your work to a local (C:) drive on your own local device or a USB storage device.

    MSE students can use google drive, email or student home drive to upload/download and save documents/data.

    Please save your documents or data onto your own local drive on your own computer before disconnecting a session or logging off.

    And please save your documents or data regularly. If the myUniApps server crashes, your work may be lost.

  • Can I access my student email through myUniApps? 

    All students can access their student email through myUniApps, even while in China. You can access student Gmail through the applications list.

  • What happens if I leave myUniApps idle?

    The maximum time you are able to leave myUniApps unattended is one hour. If you leave your session unattended for longer than one hour, you will be automatically logged out of the myUniApps interface. If you log in on the same day, your session will be preserved with the same data (eg. the document you are working on will still be there). If you log in the next day, all data will be lost (eg. the document will be gone unless saved).

  • How many myUniApps sessions can I open? 

    Students are only able to log into and open one myUniApps session at a time. If you have multiple devices, you will be able to open myUniApps, but will only remain active on the most recent device.

  • How do I print via myUniApps? 

    You can print via myUniApps to either your local printer or the University's Student Print system. 
    Printing from myUniApps is the same as printing from a University lab or library computer. Print jobs are sent to a global print queue. You can access and pick up your printing from any printer within the campus by tapping your student card to release the print job. See the step-by-step printing instructions at the Student IT website.

  • Why can't I see an application that I normally use or need to have access to? 

    You can access your course software from your own devices through the use of myUniApps.

    Some applications have license restrictions and will only be made available if you are enrolled in a course that utilises them.

  • Can I download and install software in myUniApps? 

    No. While you are able to download files, you will not be able to install any software within the myUniApps environment.

  • Citrix Workspace does not launch 
    • If you cannot see the Citrix Workspace App icon on the bottom right hand corner on your Windows system, please download the Citrix Workspace App for your platform and device.
    • If you can see the Citrix Workspace App icon, try using the Citrix Light version by going to login page and select 'Change Receiver'.
    • Try to relaunch the application.
    • If relaunch is not successful, log out of myUniApps and log back in to relaunch the application.
    • If the application still does not launch, please contact Student IT.
  • I'm receiving a 'Cannot connect to the server' error

    If you see an error saying "Cannot reach myUniApps at":

    • Delete and re-add the Citrix account:
    • Citrix Workspace → Preferences → Accounts → Delete all myUniApps related content.