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Library software (Windows)

This software is available on library computers around our campuses. Software is available on all library computers unless specific locations are given.

eLearning Studios

This software is available at some of the eLearning Studios in the following Libraries:

  • Baillieu Library eLearning Studios
  • ERC eLearning Studio
  • Giblin Eunson eLearning Studio

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Library catalogue PC software

This software is available on all catalogue PCs in the library. These PCs do not require login access and can be used by members of the public. However, internet access is restricted beyond university websites and library resources, and only a limited range of software is available.

Software in other computer labs

Some computer labs at the university are managed by faculties, graduate schools or other university departments. The software available on these computers may be slightly different to what is available on library computers. Follow the links below for directions to more information about software in specific computer labs.