Microsoft 365

As a University of Melbourne student, you have instant access to Microsoft 365 applications via the browser and your preferred devices. Get work-ready by using Microsoft's enterprise applications while you study, collaborate with your peers, and complete your coursework.

  • You can install Microsoft 365 apps on up to 5 PCs/Macs, 5 tablets, and smartphones (iOS/Android).
  • Use OneDrive for your individual study and working files (up to 5TB).
  • Use Microsoft Teams and Planner to collaborate on group/project work with your peers, or to manage your clubs and societies.
  • Learn to get the most out of your Microsoft 365 license through tutorials.

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Microsoft 365 Apps

Students have access to the following Microsoft 365 Apps using their student email and password. Simply click on the icons below to seamlessly access the apps directly from your browser!

For more help and training with Microsoft 365 Apps, visit Microsoft 365 Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I get a license key for a Microsoft app?

    Most Microsoft 365 apps are included in your Microsoft 365 license as a student at Unimelb. Some apps do require additional licensing. Please sign up for Microsoft Azure Dev Tools to get a license key for each of the following applications as a student:

    • Project
    • Visio
    • Visual Studio
    • Azure
    • Windows (8.1, 10 and Server editions)
  • How can I download Office on my computer/device?

    Windows & Mac

    1. Navigate to the Office Portal
    2. Login with your student email and password
    3. Click the 'Install Office' button (top right) of the page, and select 'Office 365 Apps' from the drop down
    4. Await download and follow the installation prompts

    We have downloadable guides to help with installation:
    Guide (macOS) Guide (Windows)


    Downloadable from the Google Play Store


    Downloadable from the App Store

  • Is EndNote for Word available for students?

    Yes, EndNote is offered to all UniMelb students and staff. More information and installation links are available on the LibGuide page for EndNote.

  • How long does my access to Office last?

    You will have access to your University of Melbourne Microsoft 365 account for the entire duration of your study at the university, with this access ending between 3-6 months after completion of studies. When you complete your studies, ensure that you move all the files you wish to keep from your OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, SharePoints sites, Whiteboard etc. onto your preferred personal storage.

  • How do I activate Office on my Windows/Mac computer?


    Upon first launching an Office application (e.g. Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc), Office will prompt you to log in to activate. Use your UniMelb student email address and password.

    Issues with activation

    Activation issues can sometimes occur for Office on Mac. See Microsoft's documentation for more information, or feel free to contact us.

  • I can't access Microsoft 365 via my browser

    If you are seeing a redirect loop while accessing on your preferred browser, try another modern browser. Microsoft 365 web apps should work on Edge, Safari, Chrome, Firefox and any other modern browser built on Chromium.

  • Do I have an Outlook email account?

    No, UniMelb student email accounts are hosted on Google's secure cloud-based Gmail platform. More information is available on our Google Workspace page.

    Exchange/Outlook is, however, used for UniMelb staff email accounts.