OneDrive & OneNote

Your University of Melbourne student account will be disabled following a 12-month grace period.

Therefore, you will only have this period to be able to download your OneDrive & OneNote data before your data is revoked from University systems.

Access to applications part of student Microsoft 365 licensing, including OneDrive & OneNote, will expire at the end of your 12-month grace period.

What you need to do

Export and download files stored in OneDrive, including OneNote notebooks.

  1. Export and download your OneDrive

    ask.unimelb guide

  2. Transfer your OneNote notebooks


    1. Launch the OneNote Desktop App.
    2. Click the profile in the bottom left corner.
    3. Click the + next to Connected Services.
    4. Under "Add Storage Account", click on OneDrive (Add your personal account).
    5. Sign in to your personal Microsoft account.
    6. Create a new notebook.
    7. Go to your university notebook.
    8. Move or copy sections from your university notebook to the new notebook in your personal account.


    1. Launch the OneNote Desktop App.
    2. Select the notebook you want to export.
    3. Click on File > Export.
    4. Under "1. Export Current:", select Notebook.
    5. Under "2. Select Format:", select PDF.
    6. Click Export.
    7. Select a location to save the export and ensure the "Page Range" is set to Current Notebook.

    If you have any concerns about local storage space on your device, save your PDF to your preferred personal cloud storage location (e.g. Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox).

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