Printing from a library computer

  1. Check the printing credit on your account

    The Web Print portal displays your account's balance, and allows you to recharge if necessary.
    Web Print portal
    To check your account's balance, select the 'Summary' tab - the balance will be displayed under 'UoM Balance'.

    Screenshot showing UOM BALANCE tile in Summary page

    To top-up the credit on your account, select the 'Account Recharge' tab and follow the steps. Please note the minimum top-up amount is A$5.

    Screenshot of Account Recharge option in side menu

    Current printing pricing is listed on the Student Print page .

  2. Submit the job from the computer

    From any library computer,  you can print directly to the Student Print queue. Select File > Print from the application. Print jobs will submit in A4, black and white, single-sided by default.

    If you would like to print in A3, colour, or double-sided, this will need to be specified in Printer Properties.
    Adjusting Printer Properties

  3. Release the job from your nearest printer

    Once the job has been submitted, you can go to your nearest MFD to release the job. Simply tap your Student ID card on the printer, or log in using your username/password from the touchpad.

    Current MFD locations are listed on the Student Print page.