Student Print

For easy printing from your personal device, use the secure online Web Print portal to upload documents and manage your printing credit. You can also use Student Print directly from your device, or print directly from a Library computer.

Once you have submitted your job, simply find your nearest printer or Multi-Function Device (MFD), tap your Student ID card, and release your job(s). If you don't have your Student ID card, simply login at the printer touchscreen with your credentials.

In addition to printing, MFDs (located in major libraries and selected locations) allow you to scan and photocopy documents. View the quick reference (PDF) guide for instructions to help you print, scan and copy.


Different ways to printSize B&W / Colour 1-sided / 2-sided
Web Print (

Print by uploading your document to web print
A4 only. B&W and colour both available, select when uploading. 1-sided and 2-sided both available, select when uploading.
Bring-your-own-device (Setup)

Print from your own device such as a laptop. 
A4 by default, A3 size available.Separate queues.1Separate queues.1
Library computer (How-to)

Print from a computer located in a library on campus
A4 by default, A3 size available. B&W by default, colour option available. 1-sided by default, 2-sided available.
Print from USB2 (How-to)

Print directly from the multi-function device (MFD) using your USB
A4 only. B&W by default. Change to colour on the MFD touchscreen. 1-sided by default. Change to 2-sided printing on the MFD touchscreen.

1 For printing from a personal device, there are four separate printer queues available for installation: studentprint_bw_1sided, studentprint_bw_2sided, studentprint_colour_1sided, and studentprint_colour_2sided.

2 USB drives must be in a compatible format to print from. Files printed from USB drives must be in PDF, JPEG or TIFF format. Only A4-sized documents will print.


   Print/Copy (A4) Print/Copy (A3)
Black and White1-sided $0.15 $0.26
2-sided $0.29 $0.50
Colour1-sided $0.20 $0.40
2-sided $0.38

Scanning is free of charge. Prices shown above are correct as of March 2022.


Printers and Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) are available in every major University library (including Baillieu, ERC, Giblin Eunson, Brownless, Law, Southbank, Burnley and Werribee libraries). Please view our campus maps to find these libraries. Detailed location information for Printers and MFDs is available for the campuses in tabs below.

BuildingLevelRoom Asset Number
Baillieu Library (177) Ground G27 UOM147152
Brownless Biomedical Library (182)GroundG17UOM147167
Eastern Resource Centre - ERC (171)Basement-UOM147161
Level 3 -UOM147159
Giblin Eunson Library (105)GroundG25UOM147162
Ground G29UOM147163
Upper GroundUG30UOM147164
Kwong Lee Dow Building (263)GroundG12UOM147175
Law Building (106)Level 3308UOM147169
Level 3C309UOM147170
MSD - Glyn Davis Building (133)GroundG36UOM147174
BuildingLevelRoom Asset Number
The Hub (863) Ground G13A UOM147201
BuildingLevelRoom Asset Number
Swinburne Hall (507) Ground G06UOM147151
BuildingLevelRoom Asset Number
Burnley Library (914) Ground G03 UOM147188
BuildingLevelRoom Asset Number
Werribee Learning & Teaching Building (418) Ground G05 UOM147157

Recharging and refunds

  • Loading funds to your student card

    Topping-up online

    1. Login to the Web Print portal.
    2. Select 'Account Recharge'.
    3. Re-enter your password and select 'Sign In'.
    4. Enter recharge amount and select 'Continue'.
    5. Follow the prompts with your personal and credit/debit card information.
    6. Your payment will be processed, and a 'Success' message will be displayed.

    Topping-up at a recharge kiosk (Photo guide)

    1. Tap your Student ID card, or click Recharge and enter your username & password.
    2. Select your recharge amount: $5, $10, $15, $20 or $25.
    3. Use the EFTPOS terminal to complete the transaction, using your credit/debit/bank card.

    Topping-up can only be completed using a credit/debit/bank card.

  • Refund of credit (misprint)

    Any amount lost due to printing issues (e.g. paper jams) will be refunded on a case-by-case basis. Please submit your request via logging on to the Web Print portal. Select 'Recent Print Jobs', select the relevant print job, and click on 'request refund'.

  • Refund of balance (leaving UoM)

    Balance Transfers can be made using the Student Print Support form. Select 'Balance Transfer' as issue type.

    Balance Transfers are for when students leave the University and would like to request a refund for any remaining balance on their card. Your refund would normally be paid back onto the same credit card you used for recharging. All refunds will be made at the discretion of the University.

Photocopying and scanning

  • How to copy
    1. Tap your Student ID card or enter your username & password and select ‘Log In’.
    2. Select ‘Access Device’ icon.
    3. Select ‘Copy’.
    4. Place your document on the flatbed scanner, or organise your pages in the document feeder.#
    5. Select your desired options.
    6. Enter the number of copies using the numeric keypad.
    7. Press the ‘Start’ button.

    # Only 30 pages at a time may be fed into the scanner, if using the document feeder.

  • How to scan
    1. Tap your Student ID card or enter your username & password and select ‘Log In’.
    2. Select ‘Scan’.
    3. Your email will show under ‘To’ (this is defaulted to your student email account).#
    4. Place your document on the flatbed scanner, or organise your pages in the document feeder.
    5. Press the ‘Start’ button.
    6. Select 'Preview', 'Send' and then 'Finish'.


    • Scanning is free of charge.
    • Scan-to-email has 20MB file size limit.
    • Scan-to-USB has no file size limit.
    • Only 30 pages at a time may be fed into the scanner, if using the document feeder.

    # Guests will need to manually input their email address to send scans to.

  • Scanning to Google Drive
    1. Tap your Student ID card or login using your credentials and select the 'Scan' menu button.
    2. Two options will appear, select 'Scan to Google Drive'.
    3. The option to change the scan details will appear. The title of the scanned file can be changed under 'Filename' and the colour and size of the scan can be changed by selecting 'Change settings'.
    4. Place document onto feeder glass.
    5. Select 'Start'.
    6. Select 'Preview', 'Send' and then 'Finish'.
    7. Once the scan is complete, you will receive an email to your student email address asking to associate your Google Drive with PaperCut.
    8. Complete the authorisation process on the email, and scans will appear in your Google Drive.

    Scanning to Google Drive is unavailable for guests.

Printing How-To's

  • Printing from personal devices

    The web print feature allows you to print from your personal devices. Alternatively, you can also set up the Student Print queue on your device and print natively from Windows, macOS, Android, iOS or ChromeOS. Once your document is held on the queue, tap your student card on any Student Print device to release it.

    Printing from Web Print

    Printing from the Student Print Queue

  • Releasing print jobs

    To release a print job or otherwise use an MFD without your student card, simply log in at the touch screen panel of any Student Print printer or MFD with your student card or credentials.

    Logging in to the Printer

    Print Release

  • Printing as a guest

    On the Web Print portal, select ‘Register as a Guest User’ and complete the guest registration process. You can upload jobs as normal using the Print Portal. To use an MFD, simply login at the touch screen panel with your guest credentials. You can then release print jobs or use the scan/copy functions as normal.

    Guests can only print in A4, as library computers are only accessible to students.

User Guides

Contact and support

For any problems or questions with the Student Print service, you can:

  • Payment Terms and Conditions

    When you top-up your balance, you will be re-directed to complete your payment with the Commonwealth Bank's BPOINT portal (Mastercard and Visa are accepted). For information on how Commonwealth Bank deals with personal information, please refer to their privacy policy.

    Trading Address

    University of Melbourne 
    Rm 404 Raymond Priestly Bldg
    University of Melbourne VIC 3010