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The University's Student print service is being overhauled. New multi-function devices (MFDs) and printers are being installed, and a new software system for topping-up cards, paying for printing and requesting refunds, has been set-up. The transition is happening during the week beginning Monday 17 December.

Once the transition is complete, students can use the Online Print Portal to print, top up printing credit, check account balances, and view transaction history. You can also upload documents for printing to a secure website and print from a personal device at home or at Uni, and collect print jobs from the most convenient printer on campus.

In addition to printing and copying, the multi-function devices (MFDs) in the Libraries allow you to scan and photocopy documents.

Transition information

Below, you will find a transition schedule as well as information on where you can print during the transition:

Transition schedule

Friday 18 January 2019


 SOUTHBANK BLD 863 – Level 1 – 1.36
 780 ELIZABETH ST (FVAS & US) (220) - Level 1 - 120
 BAILLIEU LIBRARY (177) - Level 1 - 140
 BAILLIEU LIBRARY (177) - Ground - G62
 BAILLIEU LIBRARY (177) - Level 2 - 212

BAILLIEU LIBRARY (177) - Level 3 – 319

Thursday 24 JanuaryEASTERN RESOURCE CENTRE (ERC LIBRARY) (171) - Level 2 - 203
February 2019SOUTHBANK

Where can I print?

For a map of printer and kiosk locations, please see below:

Map - Parkville


Student Print prices 2019 Print/Copy (A4)Print/Copy (A3
Black and White1-sided$0.10$0.20
Black and White2-sided$0.19$0.38

Topping up and refunds

Topping up

  • Login to the Student Print portal.
  • Select 'Account Recharge'
  • Enter your password and select 'Sign In'
  • Enter Top-Up Amount and select 'Continue'
  • Enter your details and select 'Continue'
  • Enter card details and select 'Continue'

Your payment will be processed, and a 'success' message will be displayed.

Refunds - lost job

Any amount lost due to printing issues (eg. paper jam) will be refunded on a case-by-case basis. Please submit your request via logging on to the Student Print portal. Select 'Recent Print Jobs',  select the relevant print job, and click on 'request refund.'

Refunds - balance transfer

Balance Transfers can be made using the Student Print Service Now form. Select 'Balance Transfer' as issue type.

All refunds will be made at the discretion of the University of Melbourne.

Copying and scanning

How to copy

  • Scan your Student Card over the ‘Scan Your Student Card Here’ label on the device. Alternatively, enter your username/password and select ‘Log In’
  • Select ‘Access Device’ icon
  • Select ‘Copy’
  • Select the features to set from each tab
  • Enter the number of copies using the numeric keypad
  • Press the ‘Start’ button

How to scan

  • Scan your Student Card over the ‘Scan Your Student Card Here’ label on the device. Alternatively, enter your username/password and select ‘Log In’
  • Select ‘Access Device’ icon
  • Select ‘Scan’
  • Your email will show under ‘To’
  • This is defaulted to your email account
  • Place document in the feeder or onto the glass
  • Press the ‘Start’ button

Mobile and card-less printing

Mobile printing

Card-less printing

Once your print job is submitted via Web Print, open to release without student/staff card.

Guest printing

Contact and support

For any problems or questions with the Student Print service:

Payment Terms and Conditions

When you top-up your balance, you will be re-directed to complete your payment with the Commonwealth Bank's BPOINT (Mastercard and Visa are accepted). For information on how the Commonwealth bank deals with personal information, please refer to their privacy policy.

Trading Address

University of Melbourne 
Rm 404 Raymond Priestly Bldg
University of Melbourne VIC 3010